Chapter 6

“So...what are you doing for golden week?” Arata stops eating. Kyou hit him with the question out of nowhere. It’s Friday. Only one week left until the holiday. The two of them along with Mizuki were out eating lunch. Hayato insisted Arata be around the two of them more. “Aoi and I’s sudden appearance must have … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Arata walks up the stone steps to the shrine. Upon reaching the top, he looks to his left and spots Aoi sitting on an Oak tree. “So has this become our meeting spot?”, Arata calls out to her. She looks down at him. “This place holds no value to me. How did you know I … Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 3

Arata slumps onto the couch. His mind is wandering. Hayato’s appearance was a reality check. There really are people out there hunting him down. He doesn’t have the time to procrastinate. So many questions flood his mind. He recalls the encounter at the shrine. The white shield that protected him from Aoi. “What was that? … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Arata wakes up early like usual on Tuesday. He does his bi-weekly morning training before making breakfast. He walks into his father’s room where Aoi is sprawled across the king-sized bed. “Hey wake up”, he whispers as he gently nudges Aoi. Eventually, the nudging and whispers transcend to violent shaking and shouting. After 15 minutes … Continue reading Chapter 2